2018 events so far include:

March 25th – Kombat Kings will be a slope combat competition series, beginning on Sunday March 25th, (which just so happens to be the start of British summer time), and will be a monthly event going right through the summer months up until October when the clocks go back.
There will be winners prizes at each event and a series winners trophy at the end of the competition in October.
But we don’t just want this event to take place at the Bwlch, we may just use some of the other fabulous slopes we have in the region too.
As the SWSA does not charge a membership fee, we have to cover costs for this somehow and so it was proposed that SWSA official members, (those that have completed and returned a membership form), would pay £5.00 per event and non SWSA members a fee of £10.00. So here is a carrot, return your membership form and you can take part at half price. Other carrots will become available ?
We are also very pleased to say that Zagi Bash King and organiser, Mike Grey has agreed to help with the organisation of this event. Thank you Mike-

April 7th – 8th – F3F Champion of Champions at the Bwlch.

May 12th – 13th – the PSSA annual Fly for Fun event at the Bwlch. Other club one day PSS events may also be included throughout the year with an invitation extended to PSSA members.

May 19th – 20th – BMFA F3F Nats.

June 9th -10th, Bwlchfest returns and we shall be praying for some decent summer weather, which is not what we had last June.

August 31st – Sept 2nd – F3F Welsh Open